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We have many packages and individual services to choose from!

All of our packages include bath, brush, nail trim, sanitary trim and ear cleaning.

We also offer hypoallergenic or medicated baths for pets with sensitive, itchy or allergic skin. 


Basic Bath package ~ Bath, brush/comb, sanitary trim (trimming hair around groin and rear area for maintenance) nail & pad hair trim (nail grinding included upon pet's compliance), ear cleaning (ear hair plucking and anal gland expression upon request). Complimentary bandanna or bows included upon request!

Tidy package ~ Includes basic bath package plus face, head and feet trim and style. 

Full package ~ Includes basic bath and tidy package plus full body trim and style. The works! 

De-shedding package ~ Includes basic bath package (using our special shampoo and conditioner to help release dead undercoat) and an extra process to help reduce your pet's shedding up to 75%! 

Puppy & kitten package ~ Includes basic bath and tidy package on puppies/kittens between 8 and 16 weeks of age at a discounted price.

A la Carte:

Not interested in a package? No problem; the following services can be purchased individually! And if there is a particular service you require that you do not see here, we are willing to modify to your needs. Just give us a call! 859-224-3647

~ Nail trim (grinding included upon pet's compliance)

~ Anal gland expression

~ Ear plucking/cleaning

~ Quick face or feet trim

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